Condos for Sale
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  Identification in this website of condominium units for sale at Waterford on the Bay Condominium is provided as a service and convenience to our owners, licensed real estate brokers, and future owners.  Neither the Waterford on the Bay Condominium Association, Inc. (“Association”) nor any of its agents, officers or directors shall be considered an “agent” or “broker” in connection with this service, and no compensation or other arrangement exists (nor shall it exist) between the Association (or its affiliates) and any owner, agent or broker in connection with the offer and sale of any unit.  The Association makes no representations, guarantees or assurances whatsoever in connection with any depiction, representation or description of any unit being offered for sale.  Any and all such depictions, representations and/or descriptions, if any, are made solely by the owner, broker, or agent furnishing such information to the Association for the purpose of identifying a Unit as being offered for sale.  Neither the Association nor its officers, directors or affiliates are licensed as a real estate broker or otherwise authorized to act as an agent for an owner of property in the State of Wisconsin in connection with the offer and/or sale of real estate.  The Association offers this service as a free accommodation to owners, licensed real estate brokers and prospective buyers—and is under no obligation or duty whatsoever to maintain any web links or to update any information regarding either the Units being offered or the Waterford on the Bay Condominium project as a whole.  This service may be discontinued by the Association at any time and without notice to any party.


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